Horney toad

Welcome to Our Website!
Although The Great Horny Toad Ukulele Club of Santa Fe has a new home!
At 104 Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe, NM,

We will be Suspending our Jams there for a while until the Coronavirus has been controlled and when it will be safe to gather again.
Any questions?
Call Jack at 505-919-8015
When we start meeting again, we will be offering complimentary basic ukulele lessons for beginners,  providing an introduction to a variety of ukulele music to those young & old alike at any skill level.  We will also be providing our memebers and the public some new songs and Song Bookettes to have fun to pluck on the Uke.

In the meantime, you can download, print the songs from our Jam Booketts free of charge and enjoy with your Ukueles.  Try ’em out.
Beginner’s Songbooks and chord charts will be provided.
You Just Can’t Beat That With A Stick!
Great Horny Toad Uke Club Songbook #1
Great Horny Toad Uke Club Songbook#2  
G H T U C Songbook #3 Cowboys Trains Hobos
GHT Strictly For Kids Gig Book

Check out our Events & Gigs Page for our Schedule & stay tuned for further developments!